Contact Us / Submit Data

Contact Us / Submit Data

Join the Action

If you wish to join the EUdaphobase COST Action, please first read the guidelines in this link and contact the chair of the action or of the specific Working Group. In your message, please specify which Working Group you would like to join. Feel free to add any other information you may consider relevant. For details on the Working Groups please refer to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Action Contacts

Action Chair: Dr. David RUSSELL, david.russell(at)
Action Vice Chair: Dr. Paul Henning KROGH, phk(at)
STSM Officer: Lourdes Morillas VIÑUALES, lourdesmorillas(at)
International Cooperation Officer: Dr. Andrey ZAYTSEV, andrey.zaytsev(at)
Science Communications Manager: Dr. Photini MYLONA, phmylona(at)

Chairs and Co-chairs of the working groups can be found on the pages Working Groups

COST Science Officer of the Action: Dr Mafalda QUINTAS, mafalda.quintas(at)
COST Administrative Officer of the Action: Ms Rose CRUZ SANTOS, Rose.CruzSantos(at)

Submit Data 

The data platform of the EUdaphobase Action is a data warehouse integrating and harmonizing all submitted data into a common data base, allowing all data to be queried together for common analyses. Therefore, data submission requires more advanced procedures than common data repositories. 

Data submission thus proceeds via data-upload software, which can map and harmonize tables from data providers to the Edaphobase data warehouse, eliminating the necessity of data providers restructuring their tables to a common template. This software, the data variables Edaphobase can currently accommodate and instructions/user manual can be provided on request.

A DOI for submitted data can be provided. Public Access to submitted data can be arranged according to Edaphobase’s Data Policy.