WG 5 – Stakeholder Involvement

WG 5 – Stakeholder Involvement


Marjetka Suhadolc
Department of Agronomy, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Stephan Jänsch
ECT Oekotoxikologie GmbH, Germany


The added value of a pan-European data warehouse lies in its use for applied purposes, i.e. for national and EU soil-management and -protection goals, as well as basic science. The sustainability of the data warehouse will also depend on its acceptability and use by local, national and European agencies and end users. The goal of WG5 is to involve stakeholders and end users in the development of the data warehouse and its tools, securing its adaptation to stakeholders’ needs.

A first task of WG5 will be to involve agencies, stakeholders and other potential end-users at national and EU levels involved in soil biodiversity and/or soil management and protection. WG5 will develop a questionnaire to determine stakeholders’ and end-users’ needs for soil-management and –protection tasks as well as for biodiversity issues. Stress will be placed on how a pan-European data warehouse can help with their individual tasks, rather than how they can help soil biodiversity research. The survey will help determine, i.e., 1) data evaluation and usage needs; 2) conditions and requirements for sharing data collected, i.e., in state-run monitoring programs; as well as 3) the possibilities, constraints and particularities of stakeholders and national agencies concerning international cooperation.

Stakeholder and end-user involvement will guide identification of data availability (WG2 & WG6) as well as development of data-collection, data-evaluation and assessment routines (WG6), including the GUIs for their “easy” use (WG5). Users and stakeholders will be invited as ad hoc participants to ensure broad adoption of the data warehouse and its tools. Workshops with stakeholders and end users will guide development of the pan-European data warehouse. Training courses with this user group will assist in the use of the data warehouse and its tools. Courses will be in open access format, including invitation of the media for broader coverage and increasing awareness of the general public.

Intended Outcomes

(1) A catalogue of relevant local, national and European agencies, including contact information and analyses of their pragmatic interests and needs. (2) Associated lists of data availability, data and assessment needs. (3) Requirements and conditions for cooperation with national and European agencies.