European Atlas of Soil Fauna

European Atlas of Soil Fauna

The initiation of the “European Atlas of Soil Fauna” was presented by Jérôme Cortet et al. at the EGU General Assembly 2022 in May.

Protection of soil biodiversity is essential to ensure the provision of soil ecosystem services. Although numerous studies about soil animals have been done in Europe, a comprehensive dataset from European soil fauna studies is still missing. To cover this data gap, we will produce the “European Soil Fauna Atlas” in the framework of the EUdaphobase COST Action.

We will collect and include datasets provided by European researchers working on this topic and thereby highlight their data. They will become co-creators and co-authors of this collective initiative. Through the collation of actual data and metadata throughout Europe the planned European Soil Fauna Atlas will present the current state of soil fauna distribution and its relationships with the environment.

We aim to map, summarize and upscale the current knowledge on soil fauna to help providing support to the scientific community and directions to stakeholders and policymakers. We seek collaboration (data holders and experts) to identify, collect and analyze data of all groups of micro-, meso- and macrofauna in Europe.

To begin collating current knowledge, a short questionnaire concerning data available from researchers and agencies as well as data sharing has been prepared. The questionnaire will only require about 10 min. of your time and can be answered via the link: Eur. Atlas of Soil Fauna – preparatory questionnaire. Answers before Thursday, 30 June 2022 are appreciated.

Follow us on Twitter (@soilfaunaAtlas); gladly retweet (especially the questionnaire tweet) to reach as many potential data providers as possible.

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