Guardians of the Ecosystem

Edaphobase Data policy

Edaphobase strives to make soil biodiversity data openly available to the scientific community, stakeholders and general public. At the same time, Edaphobase makes every effort to protect the intellectual property rights (IPRs) of data providers.

The Edaphobase Data Policy balances open-access data provision with protection of IPRs, by providing different data-access options to data providers while regulating how data can be re-used by data users. It furthermore outlines, e.g., how data is harmonized and used in internal data-exploration tools, cooperation with other biodiversity data bases, how personal data is handled, among other information about the Edaphobase Data Warehouse.

EUdaphobase Webinars

Webinars help explain and guide through various aspects of the data warehouse. Two webinars have been developed up to now, on the data structures of the data warehouse “Edaphobase” and on the usage of its (publicly available) online query and data portal. While mostly giving an overview, the many varied aspects require an afternoon viewing for a complete understanding; these webinars have therefore been divided into three 1-hour videos. The slides used in the webinars are also available. Please note that E(U)daphobase is continually under development. The webinars therefore represent the current state at the time. Nonetheless, these webinars remain valid for the most important structures and usage.

Edaphobase data structures
Use and Function of the Edaphobase Data-Query & – Download Portal