Montpellier Venue

Montpellier Venue

At the centre of the city of Montpellier (South of France) – in the university building called “Saint Charles”
Conference room: Auditorium Saint-Charles 2

  • Address : place Albert 1er, Montpellier (please refer to the map) .
  • Access by tramway, line n°1 : tram stop called “Albert 1er – Saint Charles”.

Transportation to Montpellier
There are three main ways to get to Montpellier: by train (two train stations) and by plane (1 international airport):

  • by train, at the main train station at the heart of the city – station called “Gare Saint Roch” :
    you have access to all tramway lines (4 tram lines altogether)
  • by train, at the station located outside the city centre – station called “Gare Sud de France” :
    you have access to a bus shuttle to get to the closest tramway Line 1 station called “Place de France” (Odysseum district) – to get to the city centre, you will take the tramway direction “Mosson”, and stop at the closest station to your accommodation (see station according to your hotel reservation), or get directly to the meeting facilities (tramway Line 1 station called “Albert 1er – Saint Charles”).
  • by plane, at the Montpellier International Airport, located outside the city :
    you have access to a bus shuttle to get to a bus station (in the Antigone District) where you have access to tramway lines allowing you to get to your accommodation and to the meeting facilities very easily.

Local transportation in Montpellier
Four tramway lines:

  • Interactive map: Busses and trams in Montpellier
  • Purchase your ticket with the app “M’TICKET TaM” on your smartphone – web link : M’TICKET TaM
    Different kind of tickets are available: 1 one way trip (1,6 euros), 10 journeys special rate (10 euros).