COST Action 18237 “EUdaphobase” Final Conference

COST Action 18237 “EUdaphobase” Final Conference

Final Conf

26-27 February 2024

Venue: Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier, France

You are invited to attend the Final EUdaphobase Conference.

The conference will be attended by EUdaphobase members, external speakers and stakeholders engaged in Soil Health and soil biodiversity.

There are no conference fees; posters and oral contributions can be offered free of charge. However, registration is required.

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EUdaphobase COST Action members and invited speakers are eligible for reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs. If you are eligible, you will get a personal eCOST invitation.

Main conference theme

Two currently major topics in Europe will be addressed and discussed at the conference.

1) Soil Health, including (functional) soil biodiversity protection and conservation (e.g., the EU Soil Mission; upcoming EU Soil Health/Monitoring Directive; recent soil health and soil biodiversity calls from Horizon-Europe, EJP Soil, biodiversa+, etc.)
Efforts in this direction require much publicly available data on soil biodiversity, which the EUdaphobase Action has intensively worked on.

➜ The “needs” for soil-biodiversity data sharing, including use cases, will be presented and discussed.

2) The paradigm change occurring in the last years concerning research-data sharing, which is increasingly becoming an imperative “normal” task of researchers.
While uploading tables etc. to journal repositories or “simple” repositories can be “easy”, standardizing, harmonizing and integrating heterogeneous data is a challenging and daunting task. The EUdaphobase Action has tackled very many issues regarding this; creating structures, procedures, background and software to ease and guide this process.

➜ The “technical and legal requirements” for soil-biodiversity data sharing, also of other initiatives, will be presented and discussed.

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